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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my Charitable Gift Card?

On the Redeem a Gift Card page, submit the code from your card. The amount from that card will then be available to donate by clicking on any “Redeem Gift Card” button on this site.

Will I get a receipt for my donation?

Yes you will receive a receipt via the email you provided during payment for your donation.

Will I receive a receipt after redeeming a charitable gift card?

A tax receipt is not issued for the redemption of an ATB Cares gift card. 

How does my chosen charity receive my donation?

This site is powered by Benevity, an online donation processing platform. Your donation is pooled together with all donations to the same charity made by other individuals and companies, and issued to them in a single, aggregated monthly disbursement by the end of the next month after your donation. Receiving funds this way is easier for the supported charity to manage, meaning they spend less on administrative overhead. Your chosen charity receives your donation and any applicable matching funds, while Benevity’s Foundation partner issues the tax receipts to save the charity you’re supporting the time and cost of doing so.

I made a donation to my favorite charity but the electronic receipt I received was issued by a foundation; why is that?

As part of the donation process, we automatically issue all the tax receipts on behalf of the recipient charity, through our donor-advised fund partner. We do this to save the charities the time and cost of having to issue individual receipts themselves, so that they can apply more of your donation directly to their social mission.

How do I know if my donation will be matched?

If you see a Matching Offer badge, your donation qualifies. You'll find specific details on matching by following the link beneath the Donate Now button.

Who gets the tax benefit for the matched portion of the donation?

The matched portion of the donation benefit belongs to the company providing the match, although it is donated in your name.

How is my payment processed?

Your payment will be processed securely by a third-party credit card or PayPal payment processor. The charge will appear on your credit card as 'Benevity Online Donations'.

Are there any fees applied when I make a donation?

A foundation aggregates and automates distribution of all donations made through the Benevity platform so that the recipient charities do not have to do processing, issue tax receipts, receive separate distributions from multiple companies or prepare donor reports. An administrative fee of no more than 2.9% is charged by the foundation for donation processing and for use by charities of the software. Merchant fees, for the donation transaction may also apply. The applicable fees are effectively netted from the donation, after it has been received by the foundation and before funds are distributed to the recipient charities. 

Check out our Fact Sheet  for additional program details