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    We've reached our $150,000 matching cap for the year, which means Albertans have been very generous. Look for our matching campaign to renew in the spring.

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  • Every penny you donate is put to work

    100% of your donation will go directly to the cause of your choice. We’ve met our matching limit for the year, but ATB will still pay for all transaction fees on donations made through ATB Cares.

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ATB Matches Your Donations

Your cause. No fees. Pure giving.

The best way to donate to your favourite charity is through ATB Cares. ATB created atbCares.com to make it easy for all Albertans to support the causes they care about. ATB will pay 100% of administration and transaction costs on donations made through this site. As a bonus, ATB has set aside $150,000 to match 15% of every dollar donated to Alberta, non-religious charities through this site.

Giving is easy

  • Choose your cause

    Choose from over 84,000 local, national and international charities.

  • Choose the amount

    Give a little, or give a lot…it's all good.

  • Make your donation

    A few clicks is all it takes to make a big difference.

Give a charity gift card

  • Design your card

    Upload a photo or choose a design.

  • Choose the amount

    Give a little, or give a lot…it's all good.

  • Send your gift

    Add a personal message and send your gift with a click.

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Give to the charity of your choice and get a tax receipt instantly.