The charity you care about most.

Use the search bar at right to find the charity you love in your community. Starting May 1, 2017, ATB will match 15% of every dollar donated to Alberta-based, non-religious charities through this site, to an annual limit of $200,000. This year, we’re capping the amount of annual matching funds that each charity can receive at $5,000 to help increase the number of different causes that can benefit from this support. And of course, your charity of choice will receive 100% of your donation.

Please note that ATB Cares operates within the UTC time zone (Universal Time Coordinated). MST (Alberta) is UTC - 7:00, meaning donations made after 4:59:59pm MST (6:59:59 EST) will be timestamped for the following day. Please keep this in mind if the specific date is relevant to your charitable tax receipt.