Brooks Animal Protection Society

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Brooks Animal Protection Society

"Our mission is to provide safe haven, care and nourishment to neglected, abused, homeless, impounded and surrendered companion animals."

About This Cause

The Brooks Animal Protection Society (BAPS) is a not-for-profit, charitable community-based and volunteer inspired organization serving Brooks and communities within the County of Newell.
Incorporated in June of 1995 and registered as the Brooks & District S.P.C.A animal control consisted of the dog catcher and his wife, occasionally keeping animals in their home. Dogs and cats were being put down after only 4 days if they were not claimed. In 2000, a dedicated group of citizens formed a Board of Directors and the evolution of the shelter began. The City Pound was the old bike shelter and cats and dogs were crated in the same room, it was dirty with a mesh floor, smelly and unsanitary. Even though the housing wasn’t ideal, the animals had a roof over their heads, food and water and a group of Volunteers were caring for their needs. One of the local vets began having Saturday adoption days, fundraising events were planned, and public awareness became the focus. In 2001, 123 unclaimed dogs and cats were euthanized, so… once again working with the city, the SPCA took over animal control in February of 2002, having the innovation to become one of the few no-kill “city pounds” in Canada.
In the fall of 2005, The Board approved the ending of the term S.P.C.A. and the Brooks Animal Protection Society was formed. BAPS was in desperate need of a larger facility and finally, after hours of hard work by the board and a great deal of community support, the City donated land, a building was found and a very generous donation enabled BAPS to build and make the move to our location on 1st Ave in June of 2006.
Today BAPS continues to provide the most compassionate and effective means we can to create opportunity for animals and understanding in our community. We remain a no-kill facility, only hesitatingly choosing euthanasia if an animal has extreme health or behavioural issues and all other options have been exhausted. BAPS works closely with other Shelters and Rescues. If an animal has been at our shelter for too long or has a behavioural or health issue we can not work through, they are usually transferred to one of our “Friends in Rescue”.

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