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"Registered charity providing one-of-a kind, goal-directed respite programs and services empowering individuals with special needs to grow, succeed and belong."

About This Cause

After seeing many gaps in the teaching profession as an Adapted Physical Education and Special Education teacher, our founder and Executive Director, Michelle Hordal, felt compelled to make a difference and founded Alberta AdaptAbilities Association in 2004. AdaptAbilities began by providing respite to families in need of temporary relief from the challenges of caring for someone with special needs. Respite strengthens the family unit by allowing families to rest, tend to life’s necessities or to deal with stressful situations. It is our belief that respite is not a luxury, but rather essential for a families’ well-being. Not only does respite support people with special needs and their families, it also enhances quality of life, promotes psychological health, and preserves family and care giving relationships. It can also alleviate the stress of care giving and prevent out-of-home placements.

In September, 2011 our organization began shifting our thinking and challenged our practices with regards to delivering respite programs and services to our families. We recognized the need to move away from traditional facility based services and began implementing more innovative practices around respite programs and services.

Today, our services are built around each individual’s goals: their needs, wants and how they envision themselves as valued, contributing members of society. We provide a broader range of support options to ensure each individual’s choices are unlimited. Through promoting citizenship, valued social identities, supporting authentic relationships, and personal development first, we connect with each individual and their family to gain a genuine understanding of what they desire for their lives.

Our unique process of building connections with individuals and families allows us to dig deeper than most. We now aim to differentiate our services and provide purposeful support to create meaningful programming and authentic experiences.

We believe that every person has the right to an enriched life - making choices for themselves, having equal opportunities as others as well as contributing to and belonging in their own communities. This philosophy is at the center of all the services we deliver.

We have always been committed to building long lasting relationships with our families and through our human rights approach we strive to inspire young people to see themselves through the lens of a valued citizen. As an organization, we aim to be recognized as a leading provider of innovative and exceptional supports that families and their children can depend on.

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