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"Catalyst Theatre is committed to bringing high-quality, original theatrical work to the forefront, in Edmonton, throughout the country and around the world. The company is committed to promoting the work of its collaborative team of artists in local, national and international markets, and to creating a supportive environment that allows emerging and established theatre professionals to continue to evolve and mature. The company is also committed to an ongoing process of internal assessment and organizational development to ensure that all aspects of the company continue to respond to our changing ecology and new opportunities."

About This Cause

Catalyst Theatre creates new, original theatre productions that are presented across and outside of Canada. Under the artistic leadership of Jonathan Christenson and with the ongoing collaboration of Resident Artist Bretta Gerecke these have included The House of Pootsie Plunket, The Blue Orphan and, more recently, Frankenstein and Nevermore, The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe and Hunchback. Catalyst productions have been acclaimed with multiple awards and nominations.

In the past three years Catalyst Theatre productions have been presented by The Citadel Theatre in Edmonton, London’s Barbican Theatre and the London International Festival of Theatre, The New Victory Theater in New York, Canadian Stage in Toronto, Vertigo Mystery Theatre, the High Performance Rodeo and Theatre Calgary in Calgary, Magnetic North Theatre Festival (Ottawa), Toronto’s Luminato Festival, Keyano Theatre in Fort McMurray, PuSH Festival, the Arts Club and The Cultch in Vancouver, Persephone Theatre (Saskatoon) and the Yukon Arts Centre.
2015 is a benchmark year for Catalyst. Vigilante premieres, commissioned and presented by the Citadel Theatre; in January its production of Nevermore opened Off Broadway at New World Stages In New York City in a partnership with commercial producer Radio Mouse Entertainment; effective September 2015, Catalyst will become the company in residence at the Maclab Theatre in the Citadel Theatre building in Edmonton, AB.

Catalyst Theatre is debt free, operating on sound fiscal management principles while producing original, distinctive, high quality theatrical productions.

We live and work by words written by Resident Designer Bretta Gerecke in 2011:
We believe the answers will come if you stay open to listening
we believe it is impossible to care too much
we believe in always bringing your A game
we believe that yes is infinitely more useful than no
we believe in investing in the spirit of creativity and passions of everyone we work with
we believe in making complete fools of ourselves
we believe in quirkiness
we believe in lost souls
we believe in giving voice to our inner freak
we believe in the heroics of the invisible
we believe in loud boisterous unchecked laughter
we believe we are always inches away from failure
we believe if we are not a little scared we are taking it too easy
we believe in being fully and completely vulnerable
we believe in being fully and completely accountable
we believe in magic
we believe in dreams
we believe in the impossible
we believe in fearlessness
we believe in never ever ever ever giving up
we believe you have to crash to learn how to soar
we believe in our collective intuition
we believe in pop up books, fairytales, and ghost stories
we believe no one and no thing is too small to care about
we believe in complete surrender to find our way through the unknown
we believe there is beauty everywhere
we believe sometimes you have to forget everything you thought you knew

We are supported by Federal, Provincial and Municipal funding agencies, foundations, businesses and individual donors as well as earned revenue in the form of ticket sales and presentation fees. Our finances are subject to annual audits.

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