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"Since 1910, Bissell Centre has been serving those who living in poverty or experiencing homelessness in the Edmonton area. Our vision is to eliminate poverty in our community which we will accomplish through our mission of working with others to empower people to move from poverty to prosperity. We seek to empower people living in poverty in a holistic manner through basic needs provision, housing and employment services, child and family resources, and programs that improve a person's overall well-being."

About This Cause

Bissell Centre offers services that are aimed at removing barriers that hold people and families in poverty. These programs are broad in scope and address the many issues that can keep people living on the streets, addicted to substances, unable to find employment, and with no hope for the future. Below is a list of the programs we currently offer:

Child & Family Resources
We support expectant mothers, parents and families living in poverty with programs that include: free, respite child care (0-6 yrs); parenting classes; Health-for-Two (pre-natal care); community kitchen; Women’s luncheons. Family Support Workers work with families to advocate on their behalf and provide referrals that will enhance the family’s resiliency and social supports.

Drop-in Centre
The Drop-In Centre provides a space for men and women to socialize, receive a hot meal, do laundry, have a shower and connect with information regarding other services and programs available.

Community Closet
Provides individuals and families with free, basic need clothing and hygiene items.

Community Participation
The Community Participation program provides recreation, wellness, arts, culture, and educational opportunities for participants. Opportunities encompass a variety of activities including games, arts and crafts, physical activities, Aboriginal and educational programming.

Employment Services
Employment Services provides an integrated approach to assist participants entering or re-entering the workforce. The program provides assessments, referrals, life management workshops, safety courses, resume development and casual labour opportunities. There are pre-employment programs such as Jobs First, Moving Up, Strengthening our Spirit, and the Women’s Pre-employment programs.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum of Services (FASS)
Through community development, advocacy, and intensive supports, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum of Services enhances the community’s capacity to understand and prevent Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), and support the well-being of individuals and families affected by FASD.

Food Services
Our Food Services Program serves on average 540 meals per day for the inner-city community. We provide meals for our participants in the Drop-In Centre, the children in our Childcare Program, and for participants with our Employment Services Program.

Homeless to Homes (H2H)
H2H is based on principles of Housing First which asserts that housing should be addressed prior to any other barrier in an individual’s life. Program staff provide clients with housing outreach to develop a housing plan, which includes helping clients: obtain identification, access income supports, view apartments, and more. Within one week of becoming housed, H2H participants are transitioned to Follow-Up Supports to ensure that each client remains stably housed.

Outreach Housing Team
The sole purpose of the Outreach Housing Team is to locate, engage, and house people who are homeless. The team works in under-serviced and unreached areas of the city where homeless people congregate and provides follow-up support to those housed. These supports exist to troubleshoot challenges and offer additional services as needed.

Community Bridge
The Community Bridge is a rapid response to stop an imminent eviction and provide supports and services to ensure that the causes of the eviction are effectively addressed.

Inner City Recreation and Wellness Program
A collaboration between Bissell Centre and Boyle Street Community Services, the Inner City Recreation and Wellness Program addresses social, cultural, and health issues in Edmonton’s inner city by meeting the needs of community members who experience significant barriers to recreation. The program offers a broad range of activities that build on established trust-relationships to draw participants from different program areas, including families, youth, drop-in and housing.

Inner City Victim Services
A collaboration between Bissell Centre and Boyle Street Community Services provides street level access to programs and services to victims of crime. This program offers a safe gateway for marginalized people to acquire information and receive an opportunity to access and navigate the Criminal Justice System.

Mental Health Services
Works with individuals who have mental health concerns, and often concurrent addictions issues, and who do not have appropriate supports to address their daily living needs. The program helps people to connect people with long-term Mental Health supports through Alberta Health Services.

Moonlight Bay Centre
Moonlight Bay Centre is a waterfront campsite located on Wabamun Lake. Since 1929, it has served as a venue to give low-income families an opportunity to escape the stresses of the city and engage in positive recreational activities to enhance their quality of life emotionally, spiritually, socially, and physically.

Thrift Shoppe 8818-118th avenue (780.471.6644)
Relying solely on donations, the Bissell Thrift Shoppe is a social enterprise of Bissell Centre providing low-income fami-lies and individuals a venue for purchasing high-quality products at affordable prices. Products offered include men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, footwear, small household items, books, and collectibles.

Volunteer Services
There are a wide variety of areas that need volunteers, such as Special Events, Child Care, Food Services, Drop-In, etc… Approximately 1,100 people volunteer at Bissell Centre each year, spending more than 10,000 hours supporting the organization’s programs and community.

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